Dinesh Chimmanamada, Ph.D. Founder of Plural Biotherapeutics and consultant

A1 BioChem Labs is one of the highly competent chemistry service providers that I have worked with, for the past 7 years. My involvement has been through multiple companies (Synta Pharmaceuticals Inc, Capten Therapeutics Inc and more recently from Plural Biotherapeutics Inc.) for various programs that involved diverse chemistries and various stages of drug discovery/development. In each case, Raj and his team delivered the products in a timely and cost-effective manner. Challenging chemistries were resolved and products (both Med-chem scale and medium scale synthesis for in vivo studies) were delivered on time as planned. I highly recommend this group for any medicinal and other chemistry services (FTE or FFE), especially if you are in North America. Collaboration with A1 BioChem Labs can save you weeks of time for every cycle in your medicinal chemistry (during SAR activities) efforts to find a lead or optimize the lead towards the target of interest. During these years, I also have examples of chemistries that were successfully executed at A1 BioChem labs, which weren’t possible elsewhere.