A1BioChemLabs, UNCW CREST Research Park – MARBIONC, Suite# 2022, Wilmington, North Carolina 28409, USA

What are we offering at A1BioChemLabs?

Catalog Compound Services

ABCL is rapidly developing an inventory of compounds that are not readily available elsewhere. Our catalog is enriched with constantly added new compounds. Key features of our catalog include:

  • >1000 novel fine chemicals, scaffolds and building blocks
  • The collection includes natural products, amino acids, carbohydrates, peptides, coupling reagents, aromatic and heterocyclic compounds
  • Compounds are structurally diverse and useful to drug discovery and development efforts
  • A stringent set of QC requirements, one of which is > 98% purity by HPLC

Custom Synthesis Services

ABCL is able to offer timely and efficient custom synthesis of novel compounds. We offer novel route and process design and scale up services in API area. Along with regular services in chemistry, we are well versed with value added services to enrich discovery pipelines of our esteemed diverse client base. Our value added services include:

Discovery Services:

  • Early hit, hit to lead, and lead optimization
  • Focused small molecule libraries – ready to synthesize high diversity libraries with optimum sampling
  • Fragment libraries – selected target specific designed & ready to synthesize libraries

Process Development Services:

  • The process chemistry service includes route selection and route optimization (and demo up to 50-100 g scale in the US)
  • Tech transfer to CRO's in India (or to any CROs of customer choice for scale up)
  • Custom synthesis of intermediates and APIs (non-GMP) up to 100 g scale
  • Reference standards, impurity markers and stable isotope compounds (deuterium and 13C labeled)

Chemical Sourcing Services

ABCL has a logistics center in Hyderabad (ChemAccess India Pvt Ltd) and we partnered with reliable manufacturers in India. Our network of international and domestic vendors enables us to efficiently source high profile raw materials/ intermediates at competitive price. We are specialists in sourcing of hard to find chemicals.

Our team has expertise in optimization of sourcing process to help our customers meet their procurement objectives. We understand the pitfalls of inherent in international supply chains and proactively take steps to minimize problems.

Every compound supplied by ABCL will be fully QC tested in the US prior to delivery to our customers.

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